Our Principles

Our side dishes, salads and dishes are prepared fresh daily homemade and cooked.

We only use fresh produce and not Frozen.

Our kebab skewers

daily from fresh halal meat prepared in-house.

Kebap house production.

of fresh halal meat.


     Ingenious! That's how we imagine the kitchen after Halal ...
Mehmet Korkmaz
     Very great local shop near the train station. The Ayran comes from the fountain and all the dishes are prepared in front of the guests.
Frank Müller
     The Turkish pizza is really good, and the service is good and fast. 'll Definitely go back when I have little time.
Sonja Stein

We Bayram Kebap Haus

We Bayram Kebaphaus offer since 1991 ausscließlich Turkish specialties and daily fresh vegetables. Helal our meat is produced in-house.

Our restaurant is located at the Münchener Strasse 29, 60329 Frankfurt. Near Frankfurt Central Station.

Novelty in menu

Beyti Kebap

Minced beef skewers with garlic, rice & salad


Lamb cutlets with rice & salad